About me

My name is Jackie Nicole Downs. I got married in January of  2018 to the very best, most handsome man I know (I might be a little biased). I love the life we're living together and I am so grateful for what I have!

In my life, I have worn many hats. I have been a photo editor, a journalism major, a child development major, a preschool sports teacher, an early education teacher, a business owner, a marketing director, a coordinator, and a planner. 

My next hat I get to wear is mom. We are currently expecting our first baby, a little princess. Samantha Jane is due to arrive June 2020 and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

I have loved everything I have done, and it has all taught me so much! I'm hoping to turn this site into a place that I can share everything I've learned and provide information and inspiration to those around me!!