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15 Ways to Love Your Husband

I am in no way an expert in this topic. I am and will forever be learning how to do marriage. I am only in my 2nd year, but I do know several things that my hubby in particular would enjoy! I wanted to pass along my experiences in order to hopefully help someone else! So here are my ways and I hope you can find at least one to use in your own relationship!

1. A random "I Love You" text

This could go such a long way! You don't know if he is having a tough or frustrating day at work. A little pop-up of love from his wife could make his day! Mikey and I text each other "I love you" randomly throughout the day, just to show we are thinking of each other! I bought him a wallet insert that describes it well.

"When I tell you I love you, I don't say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me!"

2. Take on one of his "honey-do" tasks

I don't know about you, but there is a continual list of tasks I ask my lovely husband to do. That includes taking the trash out, unloading the dishwasher, feeding the dogs, letting them out in the morning, and so many more little things around the house. So one thing I am sure he would appreciate is me taking on one or more of his "jobs". But most importantly, without complaining or bragging about doing the job.

3. Greet him joyfully when he gets home

This could be either when you get home or he does, basically the time when you see each other after work. There have been many days that I come home from work and instead of excitedly and joyfully greeting the hubby, I look around and notice things that he didn't accomplish or clean up and I nag him immediately. I am working on lower my expectations that I build up in my head and trying not to tear him down the second I see him. What's worse than seeing your wife for basically the first time today and being nagged. Try to give him an excited hug and kiss right away! Starting off this way leads you into a more loving conversation about the things that were not accomplished.

4. Give him full attention when he is telling you about his day

How do you feel when you are talking about your day and your man is just zoned out watching tv? Or even if he is looking at you, but keeps playing with the dog and doesn't hear what you actually said? It bugs me so much! Well what about vice versa? Are you giving your full attention to him when he is talking about his day or are you scrolling instagram or watching a video or whatever? Try to set aside time, during dinner, after, when you're going to bed, etc, to give each other your undivided attention and talk about your day.

5. Show interest in what he likes to do

My husband loves video games. For those of you that might not know, I am a princess. I like maybe Mario Kart (as Princess Peach) and maybe a cooking game, but I have zero interest in war games or those ones that take strategy and you wander around looking for guns and shooting the enemy (don't even know if I have that right). My husband on the other hand loves those games. Most of his free time when I'm writing or cooking or out with friends is spent playing those games. One thing that he has actually said he would love is if I attempted to play the games or even just sat with him while he played and was invested. I have a hard time with this because I just zone out and get bored, but I know it would mean the world to him. Find something that your hubby loves and you might find boring or pointless. Doing something with him that he knows is definitely not your fave will give major bonus points in his book!

6. Touch him

Don't be weird, I don't mean just in bed ;). Especially those men whose love language is physical touch, find ways to love him with the sense of touch. That could be a hand hold on the couch, a quick kiss while you're working around the house, a back scratch, anything that shows affection without even saying anything.

7. Say "Thank You"

Those words go a long way. Acknowledging his efforts and thoughtfulness so him so much love and respect. Of course as a loving husband, he is not doing things for you just to get recognition, but because he loves you, but it sure would feel nice for him to show you realize his affection for you.

8. Pack him a lunch

My husband works 12+ hour shifts, he needs to have breakfast, lunch, and a snack at work. It takes a toll on our bank account when he buys all the food all the days. Making him lunch, bonus points if it is some of his favorite foods, show that, 1. you are being thoughtful and wanting to take care of him and 2. you are aware of finances and want to do the best for the family. Obviously you can't always make lunch for him, but whenever you get the chance, it could go a long way.

9. Praise him in front of others

"[Husband] was so thoughtful and [did something surprising] for me the other day"

"I had such a long day and I got home to a glass of wine and dinner on the table"

These are just some examples of praise. Either point out to people how he made you feel loved or something awesome he did, or compliment him directly in front of friends. He will feel so special that you recognize him in front of friends.

10. Give him a massage

Number 1 point to take away from this in order for it to have the right effect is not to expect anything in return. If thats the case, it would be more of a transaction and not just an act of love. Best way to do this is just start giving him a foot rub while your watching tv or when you're getting ready for bed, just have him lay down for the massage. No his turn then my turn. Eventually you will get one too, but for that moment it's all about him.

11. Tell him you're proud of him

How good does it feel to have someone, especially a loved one, tell you they're proud of you? Guys especially love hearing it from their wife! Tell him when he gives you news about something at work, or even just out of no where. I like to remind him "I am so proud of you and how hard you work for our little family". It is just something so nice to do!

12. Give him space (especially the introverts)

My hubby is definitely an introvert. He is totally happy sitting at home on the couch and watching Netflix and considering that a successful date night. I on the other hand would love to go out to dinner or dancing for Disneyland, really anything with people. So I like to have a girls night so he can have the house to himself for a few hours or intentionally give him like a whole Saturday morning where he can play his video games or whatever he would like. Allows him to recharge to then in turn, love you well!

13. Buy him his favorite treats or snacks for no reason

Regular Hershey bars, Dr. Pepper, sugar cereal...just a few things my husband loves. So I know that he would appreciate me bringing those home for him. Is there something you man loves and maybe doesn't have often or maybe you ran out and he just hasn't bought it himself or asked you? Bring it home for him to enjoy after work!

14. Leave a little love note in his car

I have post its galore in all colors and sizes. I like to leave little notes around, either as reminders and saying hi. Something super cute is leaving a love note on his steering wheel, that way when he leaves for work, its a good start to his day!

15. Learn his love language in order to love him well

My husband's love language is physical touch and acts of service. So basically any like hand hold, snuggle, massage, etc is great! Or cleaning up the dishes, taking the trash out for him, washing his work clothes, etc. I recommend reading Gary Chapman's "5 Love Languages" or at least taking the online test on 5lovelanguages.com.

There are my 15 points! Like I said above, these are my experiences and I wanted to share in order to help even just one person be inspired to find creative and simple ways to love their partner.


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