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2019 is already here???

Ok so 2018 was like the longest, most eventful year ever, but it also flew by!! I cannot believe it is already over!! Here's a brief list of our highlights this year.

We got married!

Bought a house!

Started a new job with the best people

My hair has been like 3 different colors

Mikey has several new responsibilities at work

Hosted several holiday parties

and so many other little things!

For this post, I decided to just go through my Top 9 on instagram and explain the stories behind the pictures. With a few more bonus stories possibly :)

Here we go! *in chronological order*

January 18, 2018

-For those of you that don't know, I have an event planning business (mainly for weddings) called Jackie Nicole Events. So this is a picture of me running a wedding rehearsal, but this one was special. This was my own rehearsal, hence the white dress and ribbon bouquet. It was so fun getting to somewhat coordinate my own special day. I got to see the day that I worked so hard on come to life in front of my eyes!

January 21, 2018

-This is pretty self explanatory, but I was so happy in this moment. This was just about an hour before we walked down the aisle to say "I do". There were no nerves, just excitement. Behind the camera was not only my beautiful photographer friend, Meghan Christine, but all my bridesmaids who are some of my friends! I was surrounded by people who loved me and were there to celebrate us!

Also, not to brag, but how dreamy was my dress?? I had actually picked this dress out to marry my "Prince Charming" about a year before Mikey and I even got together. That was 8 years ago!! This dress was a part of the Alfred Angelo Disney Fairytale Collection, Style 205 the Cinderella Dress. I bought the dress, a few weeks later, they went bankrupt!! It was devastating! I have still not received the dress or money from them. But a miracle occurred! I found the exact same dress in my size already hemmed online for like 3/4 of the price!! What??? So even with the drama that went down, I still was able to walk down the aisle in my dream dress that left a trail of glitter as I walked!

January 28, 2018

-This was the beginning of the Disney portion of our honeymoon! This isn't any old castle picture, but the exact location has some significance. On this spot December 11, 2016, he asked me to marry him! So we returned on our honeymoon and recreated it! This place will forever have my heart because of the magic, but now I will remember this specific spot in the park as the place I said yes to forever with my best friend.

April 1, 2018

-Easter Sunday. This was the first major holiday celebrated as a married couple. We did the same thing we've done in years past, except this year we got to go home together! Loved getting to celebrate with the new family and my husband!

June 12, 2018

-We bought a house!!!! Amazingly, within just a few months of marriage, we found a house we love! What is so great about our house is that it is perfectly livable just how we bought it, but has so much space for potential! We have had so much fun customizing and decorating. We have already started dreaming of expansion and dream backyards!

July 4, 2018

-Our first holiday in our new house! 4th of July, hence the colorful match outfits! We hosted our first little gathering and it was so fun! I love having the space to host now!

July 6, 2018

-I have always wanted pink hair! Somehow, my whole life circumstance hasn't allowed me to do it though :( Whether it was private school my whole life, working in a private school after graduation, and finally working at Chick Fil A, all only allowed "natural" hair colors. I finally started a job in July and they didn't care what color my hair was!! My dream came true!! I loved my hair, it was so fun! And the cool part was that it wasn't dye! My lovely hair stylist and life long friend, Haley-Rae showed me a shampoo that basically dyed my hair without having to spend the money and time on actually dying it! Such fun experimenting with this pastel color on my head!!

October 13, 2018

-So I had asked Mikey the week before if we could go to Disneyland for the day and he was like "why don't we stay the weekend?" Of course I said yes and I am too happy we did! Go check out my Disney's Paradise Pier post for the whole story.

Short story: We decided to try out the 3rd Disney resort and when we were checking in, they upgraded us to a suite. It was so lovely with concierge level and the suite. It was also a rainy weekend, but we just enjoyed people watching in the rain. That is what we were doing when this picture was taken. A girl walked up to us and said "Do you want me to take a picture of you guys? You just look so cute under the umbrella". Of course I accepted and now this picture has been posted, blogged about, and on our Christmas cards!

December 1, 2018

-This picture was snapped super quick by our lovely photographer friend, Meghan. We were standing in the cold waiting for our friends to arrive at their surprise engagement party! I just love it cause it shows the joy I have being held by my handsome husband! So snuggly with my best friend!

So many more moments in our year, but these are just a few snapshots! I have loved this whole year exploring married life and adulting with my husband! I wish I could have captured every moment this year to remember forever, but instead it has highlights in a blur of fun, love, and excitement!

Here's to 2019, may there be many more happy memories and fun times!


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