• Jackie Downs

Goals for 2019

Resolutions. Everyone makes them, but who actually keeps them? Well I wanted to try and find a way to stay motivated this time! And just like that, the lovely Tara of Rad and Happy came out with a Yearly Goal Tracking! It was just $5 for the digital download that I can print as many as I want!

So this is brilliant because it has a space for the goals you want to set and a bubble for every day of the year. It allows you to see your progress with the satisfaction of filling them all in or if you miss too many days, get motivated to do that!

I am so excited to start this! I am hoping that by bubbling in each day, it will challenge and motivate me to actually accomplish filling it all in!

I set 3 goals to accomplish is:

1. Yoga or workout

2. Make the bed

3. No dishes left out

These are small, simple goals, but setting easy goals for myself and creating the habit will help with accomplishing the big goals! So I hope everyone is able to accomplish their "resolutions", whether you call them that or goals or anything else, as long as you stay motivated and accomplish what you set out to and dream of!


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