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Happy Halloween Party

My loves in costume // Jack and Coke, super simple hosting costumes :)

"Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party? – Because he had no-body to go with!"

Luckily for us, we had plenty of bodies in our house for a wonderfully wicked party.

We had so much fun hosting our first official party in our house!

For those of you that don’t know, I love planning parties! I had such a blast with all the new space we have! My poor husband kept telling me to stop coming home every day with more decorations, but I just couldn’t stop. Finally the week of the party, he came to the store with me and it got him excited just walking through the Halloween decor section and ended up buying a fog machine and a giant spider and all the things! Man, it was awesome being able to plan this with him and just enjoy a night with our friends!

For the last 7 years of our relationship, its almost always pulling teeth to get my husband to wear a cute couple’s costume with me. I’ve tried to get him to dress as Prince Charming, Peter Pan, and more. This year I came up with the easiest costume! We decided to be Jack and Coke (pictured above). It came from the fact that Mikey’s brother was calling Jack Daniels, Jackie D and I thought he was calling me because that’s my name. I thought, this could be the most simple and genius costume we could do. Is easy to wear and host because I can run around in it and it was just shorts and a T-shirt for Mikey which I wears every day. He even suggested the red shorts so he could match!

Decorations. This is what creates the ambiance and we went all out! I rearranged my office to create and Happy Haunting photobooth, we had the usual spider website on our bushes, but we also added

a huge softer web with a giant spider and skeleton bones as its victim. One of my

favorite parts was the tomb stones that said "Rest in Pieces" with scattered bones in front of it. :) it was so exciting being able to

change the environment of our house.

When I get started on a theme, I just go crazy. Planning out what food I was going to serve was awesome because I got to scour Pinterest and find all the fun themed eats! I made Mac n cheese being puked out of a pumpkin, black spaghetti, mummy dogs, and more! Of course we had candy galore and all the drinks!

Mac n Cheese Recipe:

-One box of elbow pasta

-2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

-1/3 cup of milk

-2 tbsp of flour

-3 tbsp of butter

1. Make pasta as directed on box. 2. When that is straining, mix butter, flour, and milk in the pot. 3. Add in the cheese and pasta. 4. Mix until pasta is coated.

In conclusion of this post, we had a blast planning and hosting our very first party in our home! I am looking forward to sharing more about all the fun things I plan!

Hope everyone had the most spooky and fun halloween this year!


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