• Jackie Downs

How to Survive Social Distancing

2020, we all thought this was going to be the best year yet. Three months in and the world is falling apart. Not exactly, but we have a virus spreading across the world, people have been directed to work from home or don't have any work at all, we cannot go anywhere so what do we do?

Especially being pregnant, I have decided to be as cautious as I can and stay home unless absolutely necessary, such as a doctor appointment. So instead of spending this time binge watching shows and movies and laying around all day every day, I want to be productive. I've compiled first a list of productive projects to do around the house.


- Take everything out of your pantry, reorganize and throw out what is expired or you don't want

- Sort through the cabinets, move things around, get rid of products you don't use

- Deep clean small and large appliances

- Clean inside and outside of cabinets

- Clean out fridge and freezer


- We all have those bags of samples or makeup products that didn't work, pull everything out and throw away everything that is expired or not used

- Deep clean shower, sink and toilet

- Wash towels and rugs

-Reorganize daily used products


Baby's room got painted first

- Marie Kondo your clothes, take everything out of your closet and/or dressers and sort through what brings you joy, what does not fit, or you haven't worn in months

- Wash all of your bedding

- Clean your mattress


- Clean all the baseboards

- Paint a room

- Vacuum all rugs and carpets

- Hang pictures and/or art

So we don't want to spend all of our quarantine time working, but we need a balance of work and rest. So here are some self care ideas to take care of your own physical and emotional health in this time.

Take some time to snuggle your fur babies


- Face masks

- Color or doodle

- Start a new hobby or craft

- Go for a walk

- Do an online workout

- Watch movies or shows that have been on your list

- Play some video games

- Learn a new language (Duo Lingual is a free app)

- Play card or board games

- FaceTime your friends

- Do a step by step drawing of your favorite character on Youtube

- Cook something new

- Bake some treats

- Sit by the fire

- Read a book or 2 or 3

There are so many more activities or projects to do that I haven't even listed. Although this time is stressful and chaotic, use it to be productive and find joy in everything. Let me know what you are doing while social distancing! Tag @jackieeedowns on instagram so we can create a community of creativity and cleaning!


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