• Jackie Downs

Marriage Changes Your 20's: Part 2

Our first official day owning our home!

One thing that I am sure has surprised people as they've come to our house and watched me in married life has been how clean our house is! So for the people that haven't known the non-married me or never came to my house when I was younger, let me fill you in!

So when the only space I was responsible for was my bedroom and my childhood home, it was an absolute disaster almost always. I can admit that. I had barely any wall space left because it was filled with random signs and decor and my whole wardrobe and belongings just lived on the floor or in "the chair" (don't pretend you don't have one of those). My closet was overflowing, my bed was rarely made, I just dropped my bag when I came in the room.

I firmly stand by the fact the I had enough belongings to fill a whole apartment, but also I just didn't really care that much. People just knew there would be stuff every where so why take the time to change that?

When I moved into our apartment before the wedding, it was also pretty messy, but not nearly as bad because I had much more space. I think what made me finally change my perspective was moving into our house and being responsible for not just a tiny room or one bedroom apartment, but a whole multiple bedroom, 2 bath, larger house! Did you know that even though we rarely go into the guest room or extra bath, they still need to be cleaned? Crazy, right?

I decided when we moved into our house that it would not be the same as how I grew up. Dishes would not be left wherever, clothes will actually be put away, laundry done regularly, and so on! I've learned through that, that chaos around my house, when things aren't in their designated place, actually gives me anxiety.

First thing to set out to achieve, either wash or load the dishwasher every night. Dishes belong in the kitchen, not sitting on the nightstand for days. Now of course there are times when that just doesn't happen, when we're sick (which we tend to get sick together), when there are too many dishes to fit, they wait till the next day, or some similar scenario, but for the most part, we get the dishes somewhat done every day.

Now, let's talk about clothes. As a teenager, my clothes rarely made it to where they actually belong, and if they did get to the dresser, they were just stuffed in with not much care. I make it a point to actually put clothes away right when I fold them. They might sit in the basket or dryer a few days, but I don't have piles of folded clothes just sitting out anymore. Did you know that if you actually fold and hang your clothes, there are less wrinkles? What a concept?!

Now I know it is hard to always have a clean living space, but what I think I've learned in married life is to set out to achieve these goals and work with your spouse as a team. Don't be hard on yourself or spouse if something gets left out (when I still struggle with, sorry my love), but strive for organization and cleanliness. By taking out the distraction and chaos around you, you can focus on better things!


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