• Jackie Downs

Our Magical Upgrade at Disney's Paradise Pier

One of the 3 Disneyland Resort Hotels

One of the world's most beloved characters gave us an oh so magical upgrade when we took a weekend trip to Disneyland. We took a somewhat spontaneous trip out to my favorite place and as we were checking in, the lovely cast members stated, "oh looks like you've received a magical upgrade from Mickey!" How exciting is that?! They explained that Mickey likes to choose random guests to upgrade to the next level of their reservation! We had booked the club level so we had access to the concierge lounge because why not? :)

We had so much fun being upgraded to the super amazing Huntington Suite. It had 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, dining room, and master bedroom! All of that space for just 2 people! It was so much fun feeling like we were royalty! The suite was so marvelous, felt like we were the only people there. I love Disney because of the inspiration it has brought to my whole life, but this was beyond awesome! We felt so spoiled having a place to getaway together!

We learned about the club level reservations when we stayed at the Grand Californian for our honeymoon back in January, and we absolutely loved it! It is so cool that they have a special lounge for guests to unwind, enjoy some food and drinks throughout the day. We've decided to book that level every time going forward because we spoiled ourselves and can't go back.

So the Paradise Pier is technically on Disney property, but is not actually connected to a park. There is a pathway that takes you from the hotel to the Downtown Disney entrance by the Disneyland Hotel. The really fun part of this hotel is the view. Paradise Pier overlooks the brand new Pixar Pier at California Adventure which is so bright and fun at night!

From our research of all 3 Disney Resorts, Paradise Pier was the cheapest significantly. It is still a beautiful hotel and the best part is that no matter which hotel you stay at, you have access to the other hotel pools and amenities.

We have only ended up staying down at Disneyland in times where we weren't really going swimming, but with having access to all the pools, we have walked around and gone into the jacuzzis a few time and it is wonderful. On top of pool access, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Extra Magic Hour. The Extra Magic Hour is basically one of the two parks opens an hour early for hotel guests and you have access to basically the whole park and can watch the iconic "rope drop ceremony" from the other side!

Staying at a Disneyland resort is definitely an extra cost to your trip, but in my honest opinion, I believe it is totally worth it. They do so well at creating a magical environment that just ties the whole trip together!


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