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Summer Starbucks Drinks

For those of you that don't know, I have a bit of an obsession with Starbucks. Just for reference, there was a time in my life, at the beginning of college, that I would go to Starbucks multiple times a day and I had friends that would just make my drink when I walked in the door and have it ready haha

Now I am not as bad as that anymore, but I still love my pick me ups! I have ventured past my venti iced coffees to explore all the fun drinks I could find for the summer! There is a mixture between coffee and fruity drinks! Enjoy!

1. The Pink Drink (my absolute fave!)

This drink came out as a part of the secret menu April 10th, 2017. It took over the social media world and has been made an official part of the menu because of all the love. It is a beautiful, sweet, and refreshing drink. You can order the Pink Drink or a Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk. I will always recommend this drink!

2. Double Shot on Ice

This is a super simple caffeine boost! Simply a double shot of espresso on ice with a little bit of milk and flavored syrup. I usually get a pump or 2 of vanilla with coconut milk. Quick drink with a little over 100 mg of caffeine is perfect for a morning jolt or afternoon pick me up!

3. Pina Colada Tea Infusion

This was not necessarily my favorite drink on the list, but it is for sure summery so I needed to include it! To make it easier, order it this way:

Shaken iced pineapple black tea infusion with coconut milk

Warning, this drink is pretty sweet, but very refreshing. I'd order this to drink by the pool or beach for sure!

4. Dragon Drink

This is one of the new drinks this summer! It is a combination of mango and dragonfruit flavors. The name is not a secret menu, but you can literally just order "the Dragon Drink". It has caffeine, coconut milk, and real diced dragon fruit. Enjoy the very bright drink and instagram away!

5. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

I am a new fan of matcha, but I decided to try it recently and it has become an easy go-to. I like to get it with coconut milk (can you notice a trend?), but it is still good if you order it regular! I feel like its a great way to drink green, even though its not actually like healthy greens. Let's just pretend together and enjoy this and the other summer drinks!

These have been my go-to drinks this summer! I hope you enjoy these! Post them and tag me so I can see what your favorites are!! I truly hope your summer is going well and you and thriving in the sunshine!


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