• Jackie Downs

We've made it almost a year!

For those of you that don't know, here is a quick review of the story of me and the hubs:

We started dating officially January 2012, I was 15 almost 16 and he was 16. We dating non-stop (none of those breaks and what not) for almost 6 years before he finally popped the question. We made it together through high school, college (or the little that I did), various career changes on my part, the police academy and him finally becoming a cop. We've had a wild ride the last 7 years and I've loved it all. We got engaged right before out 6th dating anniversary and married right after out 7th. So January 2018, we became an official family!

As we approach the holidays and almost a year of marriage, I look back on this year. It has been so crazy! And here is a brief layout of 2018:

We got married! Wooo

I was working at Chick fil A and then I switched jobs to work for some good friends of mine

I started writing again

We bought a house!

and then just add all the crazy things that have happened in the world around us.

So this year has just been a huge transition and learning process. The first transition was having Mikey move in with me. How crazy is it to go almost 22 years sleeping in the bed all alone and having a room to yourself and then all of a sudden you've got another human next to you! I think one of the biggest challenges with living together as a married couple now is learning each others habits, whether that's sleeping, in the bathroom, how we keep things clean, etc. So I cannot tell you how many times I have been elbowed or kneed or vice versa throughout the night. It's shocking because sometimes at the beginning, I would forget he was there! We are slowly but surely learning how to sleep next to each other without actually hurting each other (neither of us have actually been injured) :).

Now on top of learning how we work together, I'm learning how to be a wife and take care of a household. In the span of about 2 years, I moved out of the house I lived in my whole life to a one bedroom apartment all alone. About 6 months into living alone, my husband joined me. And then a few months into living together in the apartment, we decided to start house shopping, we bought a house and just like that, within the first 6 months of marriage, we were home-owners with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house and a huge backyard! With all the moves and changes, I've gone from being responsible for my bedroom and bathroom, to a whole apartment, but still 1 bedroom, to a whole entire house! Takes so much thought and intention to actually keep a house at least tidy. *Don't worry, I will be doing a whole post on the fails and successes of this process*

My husband and I grew up in very different homes, both loving, but different. So marriage is teaching us how to bring it together. We are learning how to take things we did as children and grow it into something new together. That includes traditions, cleaning, who is responsible for what, etc. It has been crazy, definitely brought up some arguments and discussions, but all healthy. We will continue to grow and learn through our whole entire marriage.

We are too happy together and I am sooo honored to be married to the absolute stud that I got. He is so good to me and does everything he can to take care of me and our little family. We still have our differences and will continue to grow and stretch each other. I hope you guys are excited to continue this journey with us!


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