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What We Really Want for Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I have surveyed many women and men, married and dating to find exactly what we actually want to receive for this cheesy romantic holiday! We go through men's gift ideas first and then women and some perfect for both! Enjoy the list , I hope it inspired you!

First off, we've got a general list of interests. This list allows creativity in present choosing because there is nothing super specific. We've got the cheesy Valentines things such as: chocolate, stuffed animals, wine, valentines cards, etc. This list will now go beyond all those with some more unique thoughts!

Let's start with the guys. If your guy has a specific city that means something special to him and he likes himself some whiskey, I have the perfect gift! A custom location etched map glass. I bought one for the hubby and he loved it!

A watch, always a successful gift. Whether you get a fancy watch, a smart watch, or a sports watch, your man will always be happy and satisfied with a watch. My hubby has all three variations and uses them all the time!

Looking for a stylish, trendy wedding ring for the hubby? Look no further than a black titanium ring for your man. It looks so sleek and manly!

One thing my hubby always says he would love is if I showed interest in learning and participating in what he loves, which in his case is his video games. So one idea is giving him a whole day of full interest in what he loves.

Now, one of the things that I would personally love to receive, but have not (I've given it) is a coupon book! Not like for restaurants or whatever, but for cute romantic activities. Think full body massage, breakfast in bed, control of the remote, and many more fun things to do together! These are so nice because you just "cash it in" when you want to!

Candles! These are fun to receive because it sets the mood for a fun evening for Valentines Day ;) I suggest scents that are not too strong, but just create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere.

This next gift is more for an activity. Tickets! Whether to a concert of a band or artist you love, a show at the theater, movie tickets, plane tickets (that's a whole other topic too). I think the main goal of the tickets present would be choosing an activity that shows that thought went into the present. It was intentional that a favorite show or whatever was purchased.

Another activity would be participating in something together such as a wine and paint night, color me mine, a couples massage, wine tasting, and more! This is fun because you get to talk to each other while doing the activity.

Now back to the plane tickets. This could be as spontaneous and exciting as "Let's go to the airport, pick a location, and go for the weekend" or it can be more thought and planned out. As much as a spontaneous trip would be great, the super planner in me gets anxiety from that. So I would prefer a planned out trip somewhere that I've been talking about. For example, we have been talking about going on a cruise since our honeymoon last year and while that is a huge purchase just for Valentines Day, it would be combined with my birthday which is two weeks later.

Now one thing that I think is brilliant, and had some suggestions from others is a personalized gift, such as a sign about your first dance, a movie that has importance in your relationship, a star chart from a specific day or an initial necklace is cheesy, but so cute! What I think its adorable with the necklace idea is that as you have children, you can add their initials too!

Now with a few specifics that have been requested by friends! This amazing Madewell Cross body is so pretty and so practical. Who wouldn't love a new purse? Its such a great gift!

Another so practical gift is the Car Litter Bag! I have my own and I absolutely love it! The name explains it all, it is a car trash bag, but it comes in a never-ending variety of colors and patterns. It makes it so easy to find one that is personal to you! What I love about this brand is that it is owned by one of my favorite Instagrammers, Tara Thueson. Her blog is wonderful and she explains the story behind the company and she is so fun to watch on her stories.

Now for those of you that have an oil obsession, these are perfect! They are great for travel and taking all your favorites with you whereever you go! A few options would be this essential oil case or this one! Or just type "Essential oil case" in the Etsy search bar and find all of the beautiful options!

Subscription boxes are such a fun craze and I want them all haha. One good one in particular is FabFitFun. It is a box that send full-size premium beauty and lifestyle products and I know that I would love to get it! There is also a gift card option to send the lovely lady!

This next gift would be the gift of planning, as in the husband just saying "be ready at *this time* and I will take care of the rest". For those married with kids, that would be choosing a date and finding a babysitter, it would also include making the reservation or whatever other things need to be planned for said date.

In another variation of planning, give us a day or even evening to ourselves. Draw us a bath and take care of the kids, take the kids out for the afternoon to let us nap or do whatever else we want for ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions and ideas for this Valentines post! It was greatly appreciated!!

There are so many more ideas out there, big and small. Find the perfect gift for the one you love by focusing on them and being genuine and thoughtful.

I am so excited to celebrate this day of romance with the love of my life and the friends that I love!

Here's to you and your valentine or galentine days! May it be filled with cheesy greetings, lots of chocolate and flowers, and all the happiness!


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